NO COURT - Interdisciplinary Team Problem Solving for Families in Transition


to the Peacemakers Centre for Alternate Dispute Resolution.

Where families resolve their differences and not drive each other apart

Where couples learn how to separate, together,

Where parents are parents forever, with healthy kids who can be leaders of tomorrow and,

Where you can plan for your financial future

We Handle your Emotional Issues, Resolve any Legal Issues, Manage your Financial Issues

At Peacemakers For Families we are at the cutting

edge of Alternative Dispute Resolution


We at Peacemakers For Families , are a group of highly qualified and experienced  professionals, who share a commitment to no court problem solving negotiation and settlement processes, for all types of family and relationship disputes.

Most disputes involve

emotional, financial and legal issues.

The Peacemaker teams therefore can include

  • Professionals who are trained in Team Collaboration so they know how to work together to help you and your family on all issues
  • Relationship and parenting specialists – psychological counsellors for adults and teens, family mediators, child specialists. Parent Co-ordination
  • Financial specialists - financial planners, evaluators, forensic accountants,budget specialists and
  • Legal specialists – collaborative family lawyers, mediators and arbitrators

To guide client individuals & families through the rough waters of conflict resolution, without going to court.

How Do We Work?

Following a comprehensive INTAKE, where clients define what they need , the best match of service or range of services is offered.

Our range of services:

  • Fast Track no court settlement,
  • Team Mediation,
  • Collaborative Team Practice,
  • Parenting Plans,
  • Parent Co-ordination,
  • Judicial consultative brief mediation,
  • Individual, couple, family, teen and child counselling,
  • Family Consultation,
  • Child Specialist,
  • Financial Consultation,
  • Legal advice and
  • Drafting of relevant legal documents.


Peacemakers for Families offers a single location where all services can be provided under one roof.

No more traveling from one specialist to another. All appointments can be in the one place and all the issues can be addressed at our location. Our teams are used to working together , and being in the one place, they can effectively consult and conference when required.




Our clients are individuals, couples and family members. They are struggling with disputes where decisions are needed to assist movement from one phase of life to another. These shifts in life, or transitions, can include relationship breakdown, which might require separation or divorce.

There can be struggles with establishing new relationships suggesting the usefulness of pre nuptial agreements, and boundary work or decision making within step-families. Decisions involving children and parenting may be needed.

Financial plans could be required for settlement in the present, and budgeting for the future. Conflict in family businesses, or estate planning and succession issues may be the focus. Adult siblings may be in disagreement with planning for elderly or infirm parents, or assistance is needed to work through issues of serious or terminal illnesses.

As many of these kinds of dispute can occur within the framework of family law, legal advocacy may be required.



We know that relationship discord exists. We know that sadly too often, children are caught in the crossfire.

Our business is to provide kinder divorces. Where the thought of ending a marriage, or a committed relationship, does not bring the dread of conflict, or threat of court. We wish for resilient families post separation.

We want the children of divorce today to be the strong leaders of tomorrow.

Peacemakers for Families provides specialist expertise in separation and divorce. Peacemakers for Families is a centre of excellence. We are a single site, where couples find a safe place to work through all their issues. Where they can reach a settlement that meets their goals for themselves and their family.

They learn how to separate, together, not drive each other apart.

We offer an Interdisciplinary Team of experts in the field – family lawyers, family consultant, child specialist, and financial consultant, who assist the couple manage the storms of separation but keep the family boat afloat.

The Peacemakers for Families team includes specialists relevant to each situation and their role can include mediation, collaboration, counseling, parent co-ordination, parenting plans, financial, and legal advice. All the issues relating to separation and divorce can be addressed at our one location.


The shock of sudden illness, difficult diagnoses, or ongoing management of chronic illness, can create dissension within families. The grieving associated with such circumstances can be very complex. The Peacemakers for Families team, family members and relevant medical specialists, can work together with the individual, to reach resolution of any conflict , and seek a deeper peace.


'Pre-Nups' or Financial Agreements, are increasingly popular with all age groups of couples entering a new relationship. They are of interest in particular with older clients entering new relationships where assets have accumulated from the past, or for estate planning


Family members in business together have disputes which can range from organizational structure, role definition and responsibility, through to succession planning with the retirement or death of the founder. Financial, legal, as well as relationship issues, can become intertwined, making the involvement of an Interdisciplinary Team indispensable for meaningful conflict resolution.


Whether estate planning occurs prior to, or following the loss of a loved one, family members are not always able to agree on outcomes. Financial and legal issues often have emotional implications for relationships in families. Our Peacemakers for Families teams can assist.


Decision making with respect to such issues as residency, treatment, financial planning and wills and estates with, or on behalf of, elderly or infirm parents, can create disputes among siblings. Our Peacemakers for Families teams can assist families work through the issues and create an agreed plan